The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) is a worldwide group of enthusiastic Harley Davidson motorbike owners founded in 1983 by Willy G. Davidson with the same passion living their Harley-Davidson dream. The HOG (approximately 1 million members worldwide, 100,000 in Europe and over 8,000 in the Benelux) allows Harley Davidson to maintain direct contact with their customers.

The HOG is divided into several regional chapters linked to the official Harley Davidson dealer, of which there are about 1,400 worldwide. For Harley Davidson, “HOG” is more or less a pet name: People call their own product HOG and the factory “HOG HEAVEN”. The purchaser of a new Harley Davidson motorbike receives a free one-year membership with the H.O.G. upon purchase and can thus avail himself of many benefits specially tailored to the Harley Davidson rider.

Also check out: www.hogbenelux.com or www.HOG.com for more information and HOG events!